ÔXI RAPÁ! Falares Interpretativos para Composições Faladas

Résumé This work is the result of an investigation into fundamental aspects of the relations connecting speech and music, in the realm of musical composition. Along a path that combines acts of analysis and composition, interpretative windows are opened so that, through the lenses of orality, ubiquity, narrative, hermeneutics and musical contours, not only the speech, but also the speakers, their places, their stories, all of them can be confronted with the composer-researcher—also a speaker himself, with his own places and stories. A creative circuit of different speeches for the pursuit of a spoken music, which sees itself as contributing to a better understanding of the interaction between research and artistic production, something that also involves the interaction between discursive and non-discursive aspects of speech, in other words, speech as part of a compositional cycle and the consequences it generates.


O Falatório Concertante de Salvador

Résumé This study, by revising the existing analytical and musical literature on the subject, aims to investigate strategies involving the use of speech as material for compositional purposes. It encompasses the universe of sound and oral recording and manipulation techniques, taking as a starting point the musical richness of the traditional Feira de São Joaquim (Salvador, Bahia) from the perspective of its speech styles and complex sonorities, thus producing a work and an analytical-descriptive memorial which summarizes the steps taken by the investigation.